Small Bathroom Storage

bathroom-storage-682x1024The bathroom is typically the smallest room in any house, yet it houses the most diverse collection of “stuff.” Creating bathroom storage can be a challenge, but a little creativity can go a long way.

As always, when floor space is limited, go up:

  • Hang a cabinet with compartments on empty wall space.
  • Purchase inexpensive crates from a craft store and paint to match your bathroom, then hang them.
  • If you have enough room above your bathroom door, it is the perfect spot for an additional shelf.
  • A peg rail with a shelf sitting on top of it creates dual storage options.
  • Hang a magnetic strip on the wall for metal items such as bobby pins or scissors.

You can maximize your bathroom storage space in the cabinets under the sink by doing the following:

  • Use stackable bins or sliding drawers.
  • Hang organizers on the inside of the cabinet doors.
  • Use shower caddies for more than just hanging in the shower.

If you are able to create them, recessed shelving to the ceiling or niches are a good way to add more bathroom storage options. Or you can use moveable storage like a ladder or a step stool with compartments.

Instead of using an etagere over your toilet, hang floating shelves instead to maximize that small space.

Repurpose the unexpected:

  • A lantern can become a toilet paper holder.
  • Slim spice racks can fit into a narrow space.
  • Mason jars are a fun and stylish way to store just about anything.
  • Wicker baskets are an attractive storage option, and they can be stacked as well.

For such a small room, there are a multitude of storage possibilities available! The only limit is your imagination.

Check out our Small Bathroom Storage Pinterest Board for more ideas!

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