Reduce: Paper Towels

Marcal-paper-towel-s0371806_sc7Reducing the waste we create is the first step to ending clutter….
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Many families use paper towels on auto-pilot. For meals, cleaning, snacks, art spills, drying hands and so much more, paper towels are standard in most homes. However, you don’t actually NEED paper towels. Not only do paper towels create a major drain on the earth’s resources, they’re expensive, and not very strong or useful. I get it. Kids are messy, and as a parent, paper towels can be a fast fix. Still, I’m a parent, and I haven’t bought paper towels for over six years and my world hasn’t exploded, so it can be done. Consider the far-reaching benefits of ditching paper towels:

  • You’ll save trees.

  • You’ll reduce pollution.

  • You’ll conserve water and energy.

  • You’ll save money.

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