Shoe and Boot Storage

bigstock-Children-Shoes-On-RackYour shoe and boot collection can sometimes make your home feel cluttered. A clever solution to footwear storage can make all the difference.

Hanging Storage

An over-the-door hanging shoe system makes it easy to find your favorite pair and saves space for other items in your closet. It fits perfectly on any door, so shoes are right at hand. For boots you could use boot hooks or pants hangers to clip them together and hang them in your closet.

Shoe Wheel

A shoe wheel can hold up to 30 pairs in its 20 expandable pockets. The design not only saves space, but shoes are just a spin away and easily accessible.

Baskets and Boot Trays

Designate a basket for each family member to drop their shoes in right as they walk in the door, so they don’t track dirt inside the house. Using a wire basket can prevent a buildup of dirt and mold — just place a mat or boot tray under the basket for easy cleanup.

Clear Storage Bins

Protect your shoes from damage and dust with clear storage bins or boot boxes. To help identify them, take photos of your footwear and tape the photo to the front of each bin.

Go Vertical

Look to the wall if you’re out of closet space. A wall mounted shoe rack can display shoes against the wall without taking up valuable floor space.

Under-Bed Storage

Use the space under you bed to store your shoes. Keep out-of-season footwear in a compact shoe organization system you can buy at most home goods stores.

Get Creative

Footwear doesn’t need to be stored in conventional ways. Many objects, such as wine crates, PVC pipes, or wall molding, can be transformed into a shoe or boot rack with a little creativity.

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