Store your holiday cards and trimmings

wrapping-paperNow that the Holidays are over, what will you do with the cards, wrappings, and decorations? Ask yourself what you want to keep and why. Next, find a storage location, such as a utility closet, hall or bedroom closet, an attic or basement shelving area where they will not compete with items used more frequently throughout the year. If you do not have the space, get rid of the clutter. New materials can be purchased the following season, often at a discount or in in support of an organization you cherish.

Cards can be scrapbooked or recycled. Cards can also be repurposed for paper craft projects, or donated to a thrift store or given as a gift. The reply section of the envelope and be cut off and stapled or taped to Rolodex cards or to a holiday correspondence list stored with holiday trimmings, boxes, and bows. Holiday contact lists can also be scanned and stored on your computer in your e-mail or documents, or in a file cabinet.

Wrapping paper and ribbons can be folded or wound wrinkle-free on cardboard mailing tubes that are available at the Post Office or office supply stores. Clear, zippered plastic bags used to package sheet and blanket sets can also be reused to store these items.  Decorations can be stored in clear or opaque totes or corrugated boxes or shoe boxes, and can be labeled and/or indexed so that contents are known at a glance.

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