Multi-Purpose Room

multi-purpose-roomA family room needs to serve many purposes. Since it has to work for the whole family, it’s important to find a way to create zones for everyone’s tasks or interests. Here are some strategies to divide up multi-purpose rooms that are useful for adults and children.

Paint: Use different shades from the same color family, but just a bit lighter or darker than each other to differentiate one zone from another in a room.

Artwork: This is a great way to subtly divide space without interrupting the flow of a room. The children’s area of the room can be delineated by the use of appropriate artwork.

Rugs: An area rug can very effectively indicate where the functionality of one space ends and another begins in a multi-function room. A sturdy, colorful rug is a good way to create a friendly area for children to play.

Freestanding furniture: Efficient furniture placement can divide space neatly without disrupting the overall flow. The back of a couch can have a shelf against it, thus creating space for both an entertainment area and a play area.

Dividers that provide practical functionality: A pair of bookcases back-to-back create an effective visual divider and can also serve as storage for baskets of toys along with books and other items.

Traditional dividers: Standing screens or Shoji screens are stylish options for room division, as are sliding panels or accordion-style partitions that fit into the wall when not in use.

Multipurpose furniture: Coffee tables or ottomans with storage in them are ideal for this purpose and can be moved from one zone to another as needed.

Once you decide how you want the space to be used, you’ll be able to divide it up more effectively to suit your needs.

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