TV Display for Small Spaces

bigstock-TV-storageA TV can take up valuable space in your living quarters. Even if you live in a small space, there is no reason to allow the TV to dominate the entire area. Now that HDTV displays come in extremely flat forms, installation is possible in spaces where the old-school vacuum-tube television would never have been able to fit.

Televisions are most commonly seen either sitting on a media console, or wall-mounted. Many small space dwellers find creative ways to keep a TV in some unlikely locations, however, and here are some ways to think outside the box.

The TV can serve as a focal point to build storage around. Simple shelving and movable TV units offer flexible solutions. A TV console that can be flipped open to reveal hidden storage for your DVDs or CDs is an elegant way to utilize space effectively.

Use partition storage to create different spaces. Designate zones and section them into different functional areas. Tables, desks, and shelves can be used as multipurpose room dividers.

The TV can also separate a sleeping space from an entertainment space. For instance, use the entertainment console as a divider, with the bed on one side, and the entertainment unit on the other. The back of one thing is the front of another. Any vertical, freestanding surface can play dual roles in this fashion.

As with many small living spaces, if you are short on floor space, go up. Hang the TV on the wall and surround it with artwork to integrate it into a visual display. Wall shelving on both sides of the television can provide space for books, photographs and other items. Or try installing a wall unit that combines storage, television and component space, and room for books and accessories. The only limit is the ceiling height and your creativity.

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