Under Stairs Storage

under-stair-storageThe space under the staircase is an often-overlooked option for storage. Using the unconventional storage space around your stairs can be an ingenious way to organize your home. The location of the stairs can be key in deciding how you want to organize this unconventional storage space. The simplest way to create space is to just add some shelves and racks, but it is possible to be even more creative than that:

  • Turn the stairs themselves into drawers.
  • Build cabinets with doors.
  • Use the space beneath to build in bookshelves or cubbies. The varying height and width can accommodate books or decorative objects.
  • An open staircase can be a good mudroom if it is in the entryway. Pegs can be hung and a bench installed for storage of outdoor gear.
  • Add a door and you have a wardrobe for storing out-of-season clothing.
  • Bicycles can be hung on the underside of a staircase for out-of-the way storage.
  • If the staircase is in the kitchen, it can be turned into a pantry or storage for other kitchen necessities.

Other options include turning the area into a small home office, or an extra bathroom, or even a laundry room, but this is beyond the scope of simple storage. It does demonstrate, however, that under-stair storage can be quite versatile, and meet your organizational needs quite well, with a little creativity.

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