Reduce: Paper Towels

Reducing the waste we create is the first step to ending clutter…. (Here is a great tip) Many families use paper towels on auto-pilot. For meals, cleaning, snacks, art spills, drying hands and so much more, paper towels are standard … Continue reading

Shoe and Boot Storage

Your shoe and boot collection can sometimes make your home feel cluttered. A clever solution to footwear storage can make all the difference. Hanging Storage An over-the-door hanging shoe system makes it easy to find your favorite pair and saves … Continue reading

Glass Storage

Glass is heavy, bulky, and fragile. It can also be potentially dangerous. Using it for art glass or jewelry projects is not an occupation that lends itself to compactness. There is also equipment, chemicals, kilns, molds and mold-making material, abrasive … Continue reading

Multi-Purpose Room

A family room needs to serve many purposes. Since it has to work for the whole family, it’s important to find a way to create zones for everyone’s tasks or interests. Here are some strategies to divide up multi-purpose rooms … Continue reading