Downsizing and Moving

Downsizing and Moving

Has your parent or loved one recently died, leaving you to clear out their home in preparation for rent or sale?

Are you or you or a loved one preparing to downsize, move to assisted living or to a long-term nursing care facility?

Are you an estate attorney or estate planner assisting your client and/or their family to plan for the future?

I can help you reach your deadline during a time that can be particularly stressful. Together we will establish a timeline of tasks to ensure you reach your deadline. The scope of work can include:

  • Providing you with an inventory of your personal possessions
  • Helping to decide which items to keep and which to pass along
  • Visiting your new location to advise on how your belongings will fit in the new space
  • Furnishing a resource list to consider for donation or sale of items you are discarding, as well as movers and storage companies you may engage.
  • Coordinating with you and/or your family and the listed resources to keep you on track.

Call or e-mail me today for a free phone consult. We will discuss your needs and goals and how I might help you achieve the results you are looking for.



All downsizing and moving projects are preceded by a site visit. During this visit I photograph your space discuss with you a workable schedule and budget to better understand the project scope.   I then draw up a proposal that clearly illustrates the anticipated tasks and associated costs. This proposal becomes the meat of our contract, to be signed by me and you prior to beginning scheduled work. We will likewise document any changes to the contract that occur during the course of the project. Successful projects are ones where there is good communication and follow-through on agreed-upon tasks.

PLEASE INQUIRE FOR RATES.  Jordan Home Services carries liability insurance for our mutual benefit.