Organizing & Decluttering

Eco-friendly Decluttering & Organizing

Are you feeling uncomfortable in your home or office because you have too much stuff or because the rooms are not organized in a way that works for your lifestyle or work habits?

Does the thought of decluttering or reorganizing your space give you anxiety, even though you know you need to tackle the project?

Do you need to make space for a newcomer to your household and you don’t know where to begin?

Are you in charge of renting or selling a property and need help clearing  it?

Have you recently moved and need someone to help you set up your new space?

Rest assured that you are not the only one. As a professional organizer I will help you take care of business with patience, understanding, and a sense of humor. Call or e-mail me today for a free phone consult.  We will discuss your needs and goals and how Jordan Home Services might and how I might help you achieve the results you are looking for.


All decluttering and organizing projects are preceded by a site visit. During this visit l will take measurements and photos discuss with you a workable schedule and budget organizing. This visit takes 1-2 hours and allows me to measure and photograph your space and better understand the project scope. I then draw up a plan that illustrates my organizing ideas, projected costs, and time line.  Individual plans may include some or all of the following services, based on the needs assessment:

  • Sort items to keep or give away
  • Inventory and organize unwanted goods for donation/recycling; arrange pick-up by or drop-off to a charity or dealer; provide lists of community resources.
  • Set up composting/digesting system for recycling of kitchen and yard waste; organize for household hazardous waste collections.*(*Jennifer, please create a link here that takes you to “Design and Set-Up of Recycling/Composting Centers below.)
  • Organize and/or clean the space for better use, flow and motion.
  • Follow up to reinforce techniques for maintaining organization.
  • Price and organize to-go items for yard sale displays; help facilitate at yard sale.  Client is in charge of advertising.

PLEASE INQUIRE FOR RATES.  Jordan Home Services carries liability insurance for our mutual benefit.