Recycling Composting Centers

Organizing - recycling & composting centersDesign and Set-Up of Recycling/Composting/Digestion Centers

JORDAN HOME SERVICES, LLC can make waste management an easier part of your home or work routine, as you gear up to comply with Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law (AKA Act 148).  I offer over 10 years of experience with using and selling small-scale composting, vermicomposting, and in-ground digestion systems for food, yard, and pet wastes. Contact me to schedule a site visit.  I can help design and install a system that works for your home or office, as well as instruct you in how to maintain it and offer troubleshooting.

This service is billed at a rate of $225 plus materials and can be offered separately or as part of a mudroom, basement, or kitchen reorganization. Group workshops are offered for $150.

For more information about features of Act 148, who they will affect, and dates by which they will be enforced, please visit your Vermont solid waste management district, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, and the Composting Association of Vermont.