“As a realtor I have used Melissa of Jordan Home Services to stage several of my listings in Central Vermont. These have included vacant and furnished homes. In all cases, Melissa worked diligently to create inside and outside appeal to generate buyer interest on the MLS and at walk-throughs. Each listing went under buyer contract within weeks of having been staged. I trust Melissa’s attention to detail and professionalism with my homeowners.  I would recommend her services to realtors and homeowners alike. – Brendan Coyne, Realtor – Heney Realtors, Montpelier, VT

“I employed Jordan Home Services in Morrisville, VT to stage my home on referral by my realtor. Although my home had previously under contract, that sale had fallen through. I had taken a price hit and was poised for another when I asked to be connected with a Home Stager.

Melissa Jordan’s consultation identified cosmetic and structural “red flags” which needed fixing before furnishings could be brought in, photos taken, and the property relisted. She helped me to vet and coordinate with tradespeople, saving me valuable time away from my busy medical practice across the country and keeping me in the loop every step of the way.

Previous feedback from buyers included complaints that the house was beige and bland. The updates, repairs, and Home Staging got my home noticed and yielded a new buyer contract before winter. I no longer have the burden of a vacant home to support, thanks to my realtor and Jordan Home Services.”

“My name is Rita Huckaby and I am a Realtor and Luxury Home Marketing Specialist in the Tyler, Texas area.  I have a son attending college in Vermont who was overwhelmed with the move into his 7×10 foot dorm room.  I started calling home organizers in the area and had the chance to speak to Melissa Jordan about my son’s situation.  I told Ms. Jordan about my predicament and she rearranged her Saturday to help my son.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me being so far away from home.

Saturday morning arrived and she went to my son’s dorm room and they discussed options for him.  She helped him unpack and get everything organized in a way that he was comfortable with.  She is also going back to finalize making use of his space after his other items arrive from home.

The reason I am writing is that myself, as a real estate professional, occasionally have a need for a home stager.  Melissa also does home staging and if my experience with her was a typical one I would like to highly recommend you give her a chance if you need home staging.  She has been a true lifesaver for me.  Although we have never met, I am impressed with her compassion, organizational skills, and calming nature.” – Rita Huckaby, Realtor, ABR, Luxury Home Specialist, Tyler TX


“I retained you several months ago to begin the chore of organizing the various categories of furnishings and supplies from my Cambridge home when I moved up here for good in January 2013. All that stuff was suddenly added to similar sorts of things which were already here as a result of two previous consolidations from two other local homes earlier.

As a recent widower I was here alone and still working at my business full time, so I couldn’t handle this problem by myself.

You explored every cupboard, closet and cabinet. You required me to decide what to keep and what to dispose of elsewhere.

What a help this was! I know there is still more to be done, and I look forward to having you back shortly.” – Tom from Wentworth, NH

“Melissa Jordan has made a calling out of her search for her own order. Beginning as a friend, actually a volunteer at a local farmers’ market where we met, she has taken care of me and many others in vital and simple ways, all of which would lighten the load of whoever she would work with, and make the doing doable. As we speak, she is thoroughly cleaning and painting a room in my studio apartment in preparation for a number of visitors. I could not have done it as thoroughly as she is. I was boggled by the task, but she is bringing order into my space, and I have not got to say how order in a person’s surroundings is peace of mind, and productivity in whatever you do.” – Alexis, Northfield, VT

“Melissa’s assistance in organizing our home as we merge multiple households has been invaluable to me. She brings all her wonderful experience, ideas and research skills to this project. Her creativity and enthusiasm are always present. Together we are clearing out and organizing the house and coordinating ongoing to-do lists. Working with Melissa has changed our life.” – Carol, Montpelier, VT